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Macrology is a communications systems integration firm focused on value added, mission critical telecommunications solutions. We help clients meet the challenges they face in an increasingly competitive and fast paced business environment by harnessing the full potential of information technology.

We offer fully integrated technology solutions incorporating wide spectrum of services that includes system integration, managed services, maintenance support, web services, information technology consulting, and project management.

Today, our experience and expertise is mainly channel towards the telecommunication industry. Focusing on mobile operators, we deliver solutions using products from the world´s leading industry vendors.

Our business partners include Business Logic Systems and

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Nexus Telecoms
. These solutions – help clients to better align IT and Network Technology to the business, drive profitability and revenue growth, reduce operating costs and enhance enterprise agility.

We welcome you to visit our partner website by clicking on the links as provided here on this website to learn more about the unique and industry leading solutions which they can provide for your company.

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